The endlessly amusing Kate McKinnon, who brought Kellyanne Conway to life on Saturday Night Live à la Tina Fey's Sara Palin, says she has the best time parodying Jeff Sessions.

"There’s a joyfulness with which he proceeds," McKinnon said on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

The way McKinnon tells it, playing "Sesh" (her nickname for him) was almost fate.

"He’s got this funny little mouth, and I could always do this thing with my lip," explained to Seth Meyers, "It comes to a point... I'd been trying to use it, and then he popped up into the world."

Meyers noted the facial expression also greatly resembles the mouth of Dr. Seuss's Grinch, while McKinnon said it's more "like a turtle’s little mouth.”

Listen for more fun McKinnon impressions (albeit for a widely different target audience) this August when she voices Ms. Frizzle in The Magic School Bus Rides Again.

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