This week has been a roller coaster of events in the world of Michigan weather. We saw 15 inches of snow fall leading into Monday, Our state becoming colder than the North Pole,  The state shut down, Hell freeze over, and today we have hit a record low temperature for Kalamazoo which broke a 120 year record. There is a dad in Kalamazoo who makes goofy, yet informative videos who lives in Kalamazoo, and he was able to capture a time-lapse video which shows us getting 15 inches of snow in 13 seconds.

The video, filmed by DadMitten says: "Deadly storm 15 Inches in 13 seconds. Winter Storm Jayden 2019 dropped 15 inches of snow in 13 seconds!! Check out the GoPro Time Lapse as well as the GoPro Time Warp as we cleaned up the snow and made a massive snow pile for the Boys. The Quality of the GoPro amazes me, this is a must buy. The Wind chills in Michigan are supposed to hit -50 over the next couple days. It’s been one heck of a late Winter and our GoPro has been put to work to capture these powerful storms."




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