As reported by WWMT News Channel 3, the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety has recovered an undetonated bomb that was discovered Sunday morning at a local apartment complex.

According to the report, the bomb appeared to be deliberately made as it was contained in a gallon-sized jug filled with an unknown liquid, matches and razor blades.

First, and foremost, Lt. David Moran of the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety said residents of the Westnedge Hill apartment complex should not be worried. The contents of the jug are currently being analyzed.

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However, what I find slightly more concerning is the fact that yesterday (Monday, March 22nd) I came across a thread on Reddit where several Kalamazoo residents were expressing their concern about a "series of explosions" heard early Sunday morning. The comments read:

u/Dependent-Ad6824: I heard this as well and I live downtown. There were at least 7 police cars driving west on Michigan ave right around that time. I’m interested to hear more.

u/1dog9Alright I'm not the only one. I live in Cooper Township and was feeding my son at 4 am and heard what sounded like 5 gun shots.

u/bigchinaaudio: Where on west main hill? I was on sage st and it came from the east for me

And so on. Several residents expressed their concern on Reddit, however it seems that no one called the police to report these unknown "explosion" sounds. In fact, in his interview with WWMT,  Lt. David Moran, who is in command of the bomb squad, said,

It didn't appear that it (the bomb) was targeting anybody, it may have been just somebody experimenting with it. I do know that during the canvass, we talk to several citizens who reported hearing an explosion last night, but never called 911.

He went on to remind everyone of the importance of calling 911 in those situations continuing with,

It’s very important that we respond to situations like that, because it could be something that is just the beginning stages, something that's developing.

Currently, there are no witnesses or suspects. If you know anything that could shed light on this situation please contact the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety here.

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