It started as a simple question that was meant to elicit a few funny responses for us to read on air. The question read,

So, what's your plan for seducing Bill Gates?

We were expecting some clever responses, jokes about computers and so on. However, what I wasn't expecting was the fact that most of the women who responded said, "HARD PASS!"

Say whaaaaat? A man worth $130 billion is single for the first time in 27 years and an no one will even consider it? Look...I'm a woman with morals and integrity. In my 20's if you had asked me if I would consider dating a man just because he's rich I would have responded with, "Of course not!" But, I'm in my 30's now and let me tell you that is out the window (she says as someone in a committed, long term relationship).

Your responses had me rolling this morning. Here are some of my favorites from our Facebook post:

Laura M. commented: This is one time I would say money would not buy me happiness.

Julie M. said: LOL! I’m good. He can keep his money.

Paula D. brought up a good point by writing: Why Bill, why not Melinda? She gets half.

And Tori C. simply said: Big nope.

Ladies, I am surprised! But, I'm still learning about Michigan and Michiganders and perhaps Midwestern women just have more class. Either that or they need a man in flannels instead of khakis and a pair of bright white New Balances. Or was that Steve Jobs?

We did have a select few that were down with the idea of snatching up Mr. Gates like Anne B. who said:

I’ll take him! Clearly nobody wants him anyways soooo I tagged him in a post a few days telling him I’m here for him if he needs comforting... he hasn’t gotten back to me yet but I’m still hopeful.

She even shared a screen shot of the actual post she made where she did, in fact, tag Bill Gates. I'm rooting for you Anne!

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I hope it's obvious that, even if we don't agree on shooting your shot at Bill Gates, that your responses absolutely made my morning much more entertaining. I'm so grateful to our listeners and I can't wait to see the clever responses you come up with next! ❤️

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