In the past couple of months, Trader Joe's can't stay out of the headlines as they have had multiple recalls for some of the food items that they offer at their shop. Nobody wants to bite into something and taste something unexpected or have something that shouldn't be in their food pop out.

Recently this has been the exact problem going on with Trader Joe's. Not too long ago there was a recall for rocks in some of their cookies. I couldn't imagine thinking I was about to eat a chocolate chip and instead, I get a crunchy rock. If you don't like sweets doesn't make you safe, there was a recall for bugs being in their soup. Now, there is a third food item recall coming in this week and it affects all Michigan locations.

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Earlier this week Trader Joe's sent out a recall to all of their stores, including all of their locations here in Michigan stating that their cooked falafel was a concern to shoppers, reiterating that they shouldn't consume the product and should return it or trash it as soon as possible.

I have no clue what's going on with Trader Joe's and where they receive their goods from but it's going or looking good right now. They can't afford to have another recall like this or they will be in fear of losing a large amount of customers.

This has nothing to do with Trader Joe's but with any store, restaurant, or business where you purchase a product or service, you should inspect to incur that you have received the correct product or service and that it is in the proper condition or stature.

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