Becoming famous whether you're a person, thing, or place is extremely hard because you have to reach a status where a large number of people on the planet are aware of who or what you are. Some people, places, or things have been given a leg up in this competition based upon who or what came before them and created a platform for them to exist on. Either way, being named famous is one of the most lucrative titles that normally comes with some kind of downfalls.

Restaurants are one places that have it a little easier than others when it comes to gaining that famous tag. All restaurants want to be known for having a great food but if you can compare amazing food that taste good with headlining names, then you are almost a shoe-in to be labeled as famous. For this restaurant in Ohio, they were able to find the formula and are not only known all over the country but have been given the award of the most famous restaurant in all of Ohio.

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No, I didn't take the time to conduct all the research needed to known which restaurants are the most famous across the country. But, the good thing for all of us is that there are people who are paid to handle these things for us. Those at Love Food went around the country and prowled the internet to find out which restaurants are the most famous, in their research they limited the list to one restaurant from each state. Can you guess which was labeled the most famous in Ohio?

Lebanon, Ohio isn't known for many things as they are a quiet, faint town within the Buckeye State, but has a lot of history attached to it, including the most famous restaurant in all of Ohio. The Golden Lamb was found to be the most famous restaurant within the Buckeye State due to amazing food and a number of famous people walking through the door.


The Golden Lamb in Lebanon Ohio has been named the most famous restaurant in Ohio. The Golden Lamb was given the prestigious award because it was built in 1803, and this old colonial building has welcomed an impressive 12 US presidents over the years. Today, The Golden Lamb purportedly Ohio's longest continually operated business remains a popular resting point for travelers, serving comfort food such as burgers, fried chicken, shrimp, and ribs, alongside an impressive range of regional beers.

Have you ever been to the Golden Lamb? Do you agree? Or should some other restaurant be labeled the most famous?

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