With in 24 hours I was involved in a car accident and broke my expensive purple Beats headphones.

Dana Marshall
Dana Marshall - Beats are Broken

I put the question out to the internet in the form of a google search.  The answer is unanimous.  There is NO such thing as a person who has better or worse luck than another.

Dana Marshall
Dana Marshall's Malibu went Mali bye bye

However, I am of the belief that you can have bad luck periods.  You know, when it seems like everything falls apart all at once.  For example, a car accident and broken headphones all in a 24 hour period.

Important note: Beats headphones are expense because of the name, not the quality.  Do NOT buy them.

Have you experience bouts of bad luck?

Let us know in the facebook comments.  We'll talk about it on the Morning Mayhem Monday Morning.

Bonus Video: I was caught up in a 50+ vehicle pileup on I-69 in 2015.

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