Few cities are lucky enough to have the rich history and a lovely space as Kalamazoo does with Bronson Park. The park has free concerts and the Candy Cane Lane during the holiday season. Plus, did you know that Bronson Park was the only place in Michigan that Abraham Lincoln spoke? It's true! Yet now according to Mlive, someone cut the head off of the Crane topiary in the park.

"Since the 35 wireframe animals were placed in the park to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Kalamazoo in Bloom, they have been a frequent target for mischievous residents. The volunteer organization is asking for the community's help in recovering the head of a crane topiary that was removed during the weekend. "

The cost of replacing the head is $300, but the park and recreation department says they will not press charges if the head is returned.

I think it is just a shame that our city as something so cool and unique, yet someone has to be a jerk and ruin it. Please return the Cranes head or at least send the city money to replace it! Boo to the person who did this!