We're officially in fall and don't get me wrong, cider and donuts are this season's go to treats. There's nothing compared to getting warm fresh donuts and a cold gallon of cider to wash it down. But ice cream is still the ultimate comfort food until it get super cold, and Hudsonville may have just created the perfect fall ice cream flavor. The flavor was revealed recently on their Facebook, after weeks of teasing that there would be a new flavor. They dropped the following announcement:

We had a lot of tasty guesses about what our new Limited Edition flavor might be, but the wait is finally over… and you’re going to wish you had “smell-o-vision” for this one!

Introducing our latest fresh-baked flavor, Cinnamon Sugar Cookie: Brown sugar ice cream brimming with cinnamon sugar shortbread cookies and a rich caramel ribbon. Use our Scoop Locator tool to find this "cinn"sational flavor at a store near you!

Ya, they actually have a locator where you can track down a particular flavor. I love the future. According to the locator, you can find the new Cinnamon Sugar Cookie ice cream in all sorts of stores in and around Kalamazoo, including Meijer, Walmart, Hardings, Family Fare, and D & W.

Hudsonville Creamery was created on Chicago Drive in Hudsonville, MI as a cooperative by local farmers looking for a better way to share their dairy products with the masses in 1985. Since then, they continue to create new flavors and have recently expanded during the pandemic.

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