Why does it seem like every 6 months Hudsonville Ice Cream decides to come around and destroy our hopes of healthy eating with the announcement of an absolutely delicious new flavor? Why? Well I guess there's nothing we can do about it and just succumb the idea that they pride themselves in pushing the boundaries of ice cream flavors to fit the season. Recently, they dropped the news that they're releasing a limited Fall run of their new flavor- Baked Apple Crisp.

Let's also not forget the clutch scoop locator that actually lets you track where certain flavors are being sold. They dropped the announcement, describing just how the ice cream is gonna taste:

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The moment you've been waiting for is finally here! Introducing our Fall Limited Edition flavor, Baked Apple Crisp! Apple pie flavored ice cream packed with apple pieces, crispy oat crumbles and a dulce de leche swirl – it’s guaranteed to be a fall favorite, no baking required.

According to the Scoop Locator the limited flavor is already available throughout Southwest Michigan. The company, which was founded on Chicago Drive in Hudsonville, MI as a cooperative by local farmers in 1985, already dropped some new flavors at the start of the year. Malted Milk Ball and Cinnamon French Toast were big hits, as well as the Cinnamon Sugar Cookie which was released last September in 2020.

Southwest Michigan is actually home to a number of hometown ice cream shops, all of which can be supported and found here.

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