So a guy has started texting you. Here's how to now that a guy is really interested.

A new survey found five stats about the way single guys text, and maybe they'll help you figure out whether a guy is interested or not.  Check 'em out...

1.  Three-quarters of guys will text you within a few days of getting your number.  25% will send a message that night, 48% do it within one or two days and 4% do it right away to make sure you didn't give them a fake number (kinda creepy).

2.  90% will text you within two days of a first date if it went well.

3.  91% say they were confused about what a woman meant in one of her texts in just the past week.

4.  If a guy uses EMOJI, it probably means he likes you.  67% of men who don't normally use them will drop them in texts to a woman they're interested in.

5.  55% of guys won't send a second text if their first text doesn't get a response.


Here are the top reasons they don't respond...

1.  52% are busy with something, (work, meetings, etc.)

2.  33% don't have their phone with them or are out of battery/service

3. 5% just don't feel like it but will never tell you that

4.  10% are waiting on a good time to text back


It's so hard to wait around for a guy to text you back.  My advice is stay calm and don't over-think and fear the worst.  It'll send him running and you on a crazy downward spiral of self-doubt, insecurity, and confusion.  Just try to keep this list in mind when you have questions about whether he's interested or not and save yourself some worry.  If you's a quiz you can take.

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