This happens almost every morning in our office.  We asked for help and got it.

Every morning as most of the employees roll in around 8 am something terrible happens in the ladies restroom.  I'm not shaming anyone.  I don't wanna give anyone a bum rap.  Going number 2 is a fact of life.  However, the hallway is then filled with the smell of flowery poo.

Poop emoticon on black background with copy space.
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Call me scent o' mental but that is just not how I want to smell flowers.  After we talked about this on the Marshall & McGregor Morning Show Wednesday, we received quite a few "suggestions" on how to make scents of this.





Stacy from Galesburg sent this message to our facebook inbox, "Poo pourri is the answer to the bathroom problem"

Carry emailed me this suggestion, "You guys were chatting about yankee candles and the potty problem wafting into the hallway. I suggest PooPourri. Works wonders!!"

These are all great suggestions and we may try all of them.  When I get punched in the face with funk it should be because I'm playing a Prince song really loud...not because I walked in our hallway.


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