At one time, Colon, Michigan now the 'Magic Capital of the World,' was once the largest manufacturer of high-grade gloves and mittens in the world. The historic Lamb Knit Goods building that resides in the village has been abandoned, and last year rumor was stirring that Dollar General wanted to purchase the land and demolish to make way for a new store on site. The site, which generates about $28,000 in property taxes every year, needs a new owner. The people of Colon are trying to figure a way to preserve and possible refurbish the building, which was built in the 1890's.

One former resident who still has a hand in Colon's business, James Grey, may have said it best:

The revitalization of Lamb Knit looks to the future of Colon and its sustainability. We discussed the Vicksburg Paper Mill project as an example.
What the eventual endgame for the building is remains unknown. But putting forth the effort to see if this building could be revitalized was something everyone believed was necessary.

This will be a long process so be patient. But if you support this please make your voice heard! Go to council meetings and tell them something must be done. If you know anyone in the profession of preservation or real estate development tell them about this building.

Don’t let this building disappear! SAVE LAMB KNIT!

If you have any ideas or know anyone who may have an interest and the power to preserve the building, residents are asking for any and all help possible.


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