We asked West Michigan if they named their cars.  If so, what are the names.

Yvette Sue Hoyt inboxed us this hilarious name for an old Dodge Dynasty,

D'Nasty....a friends Dynasty...'94ish

Shellie Lynn commented on Facebook,

Lori Thiede has named every car she has ever had. She had a G6 named Gina and just got a new car and was asking for help naming it.

Krista Jackson's first car may have had some issues,

my first car's name was BOPOS- stood for big ol piece of, well, you know.

Trisha Bowler kept it simple,

Her name is Betty!

Heather McGregor named her 2nd Jeep "Junior."

Here's a picture of my Nissan Cube back when I drove for Lyft that I named "Ice Cube."

My fiance' and I now have Chevy Malibu's.  "Bu 1 and Bu 2."

A new survey by Toco Warranty tells us that 56% of people have named their car.

Here's a list of favorite car names from Taco Warranty,

The Bug Slayer
Earth Mover
Baby Sweet Lil’ Kayden
Fancy Jenny
Grease Lightning
Uriah (Note “because it was a heap”)
Lil’ Speedz
Miss Tigglywinkle
Muscle boy
Optimus Punto
Professor Yaffle


Have you ever given your ride a funny name?  Let us know in the comments.

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