The Kalamazoo growlers lit up the world in 2019 when they announced they hired 6 year old Coach Drake to be their coach. We saw Coach Drake snap on umpires, steal bases, kick dirt and even bring out gifts as a sign of good will to the umpires. But now it looks as though the Growlers are shifting focus a little to the seasoned veterans in our lives...Grandmothers.

For the upcoming season, the Growlers are looking for a Grandmother to dawn the Blue and Yellow, to become part of the dugout as the new coach. In their description of the perfect candidate on Facebook, they described their search:

We want your Grandma as our coach! We've had the 6 year-old phenom Coach Drake. Now we are looking for a new face to join our coaching staff. The only requirements are:
-Must be a woman
-Must be 65+ years old
-Must hate umpires
Do you know the woman for the job? Or are you that woman?
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If you know someone or you WANT to be that person, you can sign up here to become part of Growlers history. Speaking of history, the Growlers recently announced that they would be hosting a "League of Their Own" night this year, as for one night only the Growlers will turn into the very last A.A.G.P.B.L champions, the Kalamazoo Lassies. The Lassies were a part of the league which was the main focus of the 1992 film, A League of Their Own. Lassies weren't one of the original teams, but they were the last team to win the league's championship in 1954.

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