The Kalamazoo Growlers are gearing up for another exciting season of baseball at Homer Stryker Field and are already announcing some fun themed games for the Summer. The game they recently announced may not only be the most unique, but may send everyone into a food coma by the 3rd inning. On Friday August 2nd, they've announced their "Dime A' Dog Night" where they will be selling hot dogs for only 10¢.

This could end in a few different ways.
1) People will drop $10 and have one big massive hot dog eating contests throughout the ball game.
2) There will be a massive hot dog shortage in Kalamazoo.
3) People will spend all day at Ribfest then go to the ballgame and continue to eat cheap hot dogs until they literally explode.
4) People will lightly indulge in the cheap concessions.
Either way, I'm excited the Growlers are constantly keeping their fans in mind.


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