A nurse at DeVos Children's Hospital that is passionately against masks and vaccines, continues to work with sick children.

A former Western Michigan University student that now works as an Ophthalmic Technician at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital has gotten lots of attention after her alarming TikToks and identity were exposed.

Montana McCarthy posted TikToks of her controversial views on racism, sexism, gender and Covid-19 before removing all of her social media all together.  In many of those videos McCarthy wore her work scrubs and work badge.  In fact, some of those videos were actually recorded at the children's hospital that employs her.

Tuesday a TikTok creator that goes by @smugnurse___ decided to make a montage of some of McCarthy's troubling videos along with outing where she works.

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There is no doubt some will argue that she has a right to her opinion on social media.  Others could say that McCarthy is just another victim of cancel culture.  However, passionately railing against wearing a mask or getting vaccinated while working with sick children during the deadliest pandemic in 100 years is troublesome. McCarthy goes as far as discussing the lies she would tell her employer to avoid getting vaccinated.  Important note: an Ophthalmic technician is not an actual nurse.  McCarthy's job would involve assisting ophthalmologists in caring for children' eyes.  Which means very close contact with children.  An Ophthalmic technician does not necessarily have any knowledge of the respiratory system or viruses. 

Wood TV 8 recently broke this story and they spoke with a medical ethics professor with Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine named Leonard Fleck about these videos,

Encouraging others to lie in order to avoid being vaccinated has really no ethical justification at all.  It can cause patients to lose trust in the physicians, nurses and other medical professionals caring for them.


As of Friday, August 13th at 6:20 A.M., there is no indication that McCarthy has been fired.  In response to Wood TV 8's story, Spectrum Health / Helen DeVos Children's Hospital released a statement saying their employees are entitled to their personal opinion as long as it's not on official Spectrum Health social media accounts.

Speaking of social media accounts.  Here's some of the reaction on Twitter.

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