Rick Snyder insists that filtered water is OK.

Federal State Of Emergency Declared In Flint, Michigan Over Contaminated Water Supply
Photo By: Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

According to newser.com, Governor Rick Snyder says he will drink Flint water at home and at work for at least a month to show to residents it's safe with the use of a faucet filter.

Snyder has apologized for his administration's role in the city's water crisis (but blamed his own staff).  He visited a house owned by Cheryl Hill and Todd Canty that was confirmed to have high levels of lead. Snyder left with five gallons of filtered water plans to refill from other homes as he runs out.  He said he should have to drink the water if officials say the water is OK.

"What better way to help show support" - Snyder

On Monday, Snyder urged residents to drink the water as long as a filter is in place.

For nearly 18 months, Flint residents drank and bathed with improperly treated water that had coursed through aging pipes and fixtures, scraping away lead. By the time Snyder announced in October that Flint would return to its earlier source of treated water—the Detroit municipal system—dangerously high levels of the toxic metal were detected in the blood of some residents, including children, for whom it can cause lower IQs and behavioral problems - newser

Do you believe that Snyder is actually going to follow through and drink this water for a month, or will he stage a few photo-ops, then drink bottled water for the rest of the time?

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