Mackinac is will be celebrating the German influence that has been lacking from the Island for too long.

Even though the French first explored our precious island, and it was the British that built up their military strength their, it is the German's that are throwing a party!

For the first time (and hopefully for many more to come), Mackinac will play host to an awesome Octoberfest or as they are calling it Macktoberfest!



What Can You Expect...

  • Beer
  • Chicken
  • Classic Live Polka Music

In fact said...

Pack your lederhosen and dirndl for an evening celebrating German heritage at Mackinac Island’s oldest hotel. Join us in the Ice House BBQ garden for the first ever Macktoberfest. Grab a steing and chug some beer. Get your fill of well-prepared chicken. Polka! Polka! Polka! with Aaron Dussing and Polka Revolution. Aaron sings in seven languages, specializes in authentic Alpine yodeling, and can play 20 different musical instruments, including the accordion, his instrument of choice.

The fall colors, great beer and a lot of fun people...can't think of a better time to be had!


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