A recent viral video claims that Fruit of the Loom contaminated the food in the entire state of Michigan.

In what was reported to be one of the largest chemical poisonings in world history, Fruit of the Loom devasted a couple of small Michigan towns in 1973.  Although it happened over 50 years ago, the effects are still a major problem for Michiganders.  The EPA published a case summary regarding the settlement of $42.5 million,

The agreement is a $42,500,000 settlement between AISLIC, the successor trusts (established pursuant to the Fruit of the Loom bankruptcy), the United States, several states and several non-governmental intervenors. The settlement agreement resolves liability under an insurance policy issued by AISLIC that insured against environmental liabilities for the covered sites.

As Nicole, also known as @dimlifting on TikTok points out, how is there little to no information regarding one of the biggest chemical poisonings in the world?  This is a situation that affected millions when it happened and is still having negative effects. Over 60% of Michiganders tested for the toxins from this tragedy had levels far above the National average according to Nicole's video below.

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The small town of St. Louis, Michigan is still doing its best to battle back from this tragedy today according to BridgeMI.com,

The small Gratiot County community was already notorious as a poisoned place, ground zero for a 1973 cattle feed mixup that became one of the worst chemical disasters in American history.

There were two Fruit of the Loom sites in Michigan that led to the gigantic chemical contamination according to the EPA. 

  1. St. Louis, Michigan (Velsicol Chemical Superfund Site): DDT and PCBs, chlorobenzene, carbon tetrachloride, trichloroethylene (TCE), and other chlorinated compounds. Onsite soil samples revealed contamination with PCBs, copper, chromium, zinc, and magnesium (54 acres).
  2. Breckinridge, Michigan (NRC Site): Radioactive waste materials (low levels of uranium and thorium isotopes) subject to the jurisdiction of the NCR (2 acres).

Fruit of the Loom allegedly settled for $42.5 million, sold the company, and found a way to have taxpayers take care of the $1 billion clean-up bill.  In summary, the people responsible for one of the worst chemical poisonings in world history allegedly walked away making hundreds of millions of dollars, and made the people who were poisoned pay for the cleanup.

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