What was once an old rail freight depot, is now a hot spot in Kalamazoo

After a long morning at work my two buddies and I decided to head downtown and try HopCat, the restaurant that one time was a old train station. Wow, the place was incredible!

On HopCats website they boast...

"We offer 100 beers on tap every day and a range of regional, global, and Belgian beers in bottles. If you're not in the mood for a beer, you can get a glass of wine or a cocktail from our full bar."

And they were not joking! If you like beer, this is a place you want to spend some time at!


But it is not just the cool space and great beer selection that puts this place over the top...it's the food!

I feel in love with my order! I had the 'Turkey' served with their very famous and very additive 'Crack Fries': "Our house-made, herbed turkey burger patty is topped with chilled marinated tomatoes, basil, lemon, garlic & feta cheese crumbles with spinach & pesto aioli"

All I can say is...



My buddy Richard Piet  (WBCK) enjoyed the 'Classic' burger served with 'Crack Fries' : "Plain or with a choice of cheese; cheddar, pepper jack, Swiss, dill Havarti, Muenster, smoked Gouda, feta or blue cheese crumbles, bar cheese or chipotle Muenster cheese spread. Served with lettuce, tomato & onion"

His review of his 'HopCat' experience...

"HopCat is hoppin! Fun atmosphere, lots of beer choices and those 'Crack Fries'? DUDE!"

My other partner in crime is Eric Meier (WRKR) had the 'Barnyard' burger severed with 'Crack Fries': "It's a reunion down on the farm! Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds, hickory smoked bacon & fried egg salad; smothered with cheese sauce on Texas toast" But Eric put his own twist on the burger by ordering a turkey burger rather then beef. The result?...

"Best turkey burger I ever had!"

The feeling in the restaurant was relaxed and upbeat. The selection of beer was incredible, and the food amazing! I highly recommend that you grab some friends and spend some time at the old train depot called HopCat!


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