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    French Fries

    Fried food in general can have some undesirable sexual side effects. This laundry list of negative effects includes lowering your testosterone levels and decreasing blood circulation… all pretty much the opposite of what you want.

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    Hot Dogs

    Not only will you have horrible burps, hot dogs are chock full of saturated fats. Now not all fats are ‘bad’ for you, but saturated fats are probably some of the worst. These saturated fats can clog penile and vaginal arteries, preventing proper blood flow.

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    Some studies have shown that eating tofu the night before a sexual encounter can actually increase estrogen levels in both men and women.  Why? Well some studies have shown that increased estrogen levels can have the effect of lowering the sex drive in both sexes.

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    Energy Drinks

    While it’s true that energy drinks will give you a big spike in energy shortly after consuming them, that energy doesn'’t last long and will not help improve your sexual stamina.