Affordable housing is hard to come by right now, and if you're moving for a job, you can't just sit and wait for a place to open up before you start... you gotta get in there, and get moving.

So a couple of private companies have teamed up with Eastern Michigan University, and promised to renovate and build new residence halls, in exchange for housing for their work force.

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The two companies - EMU Campus Living LLC and Gilbane Development Company - will build two new residence halls, demolish older buildings, and renovate all remaining residence halls, except one that was just recently updated.

The university's Board of Regents said they were excited to strike a deal with the companies, and look forward to working with them for the next 35 years, which is the length of the contract.

Gilbane Development Company was picked as the new student housing system operations partner in December of last year.

This is great actually. I remember in college, a LOT of empty rooms, and extra space that could be used - especially during the summer.

This allows the school to get updated, and these companies to bring in a work force much quicker. And any EMU student who works for these companies will undoubtedly (hopefully) benefit from this partnership.

Also, anyone who isn't a student, and ends up staying in the dorms will be THAT much closer to some raging parties. No need to go hunting them out in the student ghettos or on Fraternity/Sorority Row.

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