Check out the longest swinging bridge in the State of Michigan! According to Pure Michigan the 139 foot long bridge is located in Croswell Michigan (just North of Port Huron). The bridge was built in 1905 over the Black River for an original  cost of only $150.00. On the East enter to the bridge there is a sign that reads "Be Good To Your Mother-In-Law" and once upon a time there was a sign on the West entrance that stated "Love Ye One Another". The bridge was built for the workers of the Michigan Sugar Company who lived across the river, so they would have an easier commute to work. In 2006 all 128 planks of the bridge were replace, at a price of $1,300. How much do the people of Croswell Michigan love their bridge? Well there is a celebration for the bridge every year, the second week of August!

In the video below, you can see the bridge swinging in the wind, are you brave enough to cross it?