One of my favorite 90's artists without question is Color Me Badd.  You've heard the music, but have you heard the story about how Bon Jovi discovered them?

This story was a long time rumor but has recently been confirmed by Color Me Badd.  2 members of Color Me Badd worked at a movie theater that Jon Bon Jovi and Ritchie Sambora walked into one day. The movie theatre employees/Color Me Badd vocalists, Bryan Abrams and KevinThornton asked the Jon and Ritchie if they could sing for them.  According to the Oklahoma Gazette Bryan said,

"John, can we sing a song for you?" Abrams said his trademark pitch would be “just 60 seconds of your time, man.”

Jon Bon Jovi and Ritchie Sambora were blown away.  They invited Color Me Badd to open for them the next night in front of 20,000 people.

The rest as they say is history!

Immediately cementing their place at the top of the New Jack Swing era, Color Me Badd's single from the New Jack City soundtrack "I Wanna Sex You Up" hit #2 on the Hot 100 Chart.

That was immediately followed by my favorite song from Color Me Badd "I Adore Mi Amor" hitting #1.

Then another #1 hit with "All 4 Love."

However, "Slow Motion" is HOT!  I love that song.  It peaked at #18 on the Hot 100.

Who could forget the very cool black and white performance on Arsenio Hall of "Thinkin' Back?"  Abrams vocals on this song are freaking insane!  He holds the note at the end forever.  Amazing.

What's your favorite Color Me Badd song?  Comment below.