Cedar Point, the amusement park for this part of the world is opening it's gates this weekend, and this will be guests first chances to see some of the changes and remodeling done over the winter.

The eyebrow raiser will be the new beachfront Cedar Point Shores water park. The 18-acre attraction is right next to Cedar Point and Hotel Breakers. What's interesting is 148 years ago, Cedar Point started as a fancy beach resort. (By the way, Cedar Point Shores opens Memorial Day weekend, but with the chili forecast for the next week, not a problem)

Four attractions are at the water park, the wildest being "Point Plummet" – a 6-story, aqua-drop body slide. If your kids aren't quite ready for that intense an experience, there's the Lakeside Landing and Lemmy's Lagoon, which are perfect for young children.

Cedar Point is a popular summertime destination. You can get more information on their website.







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