Some people love running, and claim they get a high from it.  Here's how you can get the same feeling without running.

The website posted a list of the three best cardio workouts for people who DON'T like to run:

  • Hey look! It's Dana! :P (Photo By: DAJ/ThinkStock)
    Hey look! It's Dana! :P (Photo By: DAJ/ThinkStock)

    Jumping Rope

    It's not as high-impact as running is, so it's easier on your knees.  And 30 minutes burns almost as many calories as a 30-minute jog.

  • Photo By: ThinkStock
    Photo By: ThinkStock

    Circuit Training

    Circuit training is a combination of things like jumping jacks, push-ups, and lunges.  You're supposed to do each one for about a minute with no breaks in between, so your heart rate stays up.

  • Photo By: blyjak/ThinkStock
    Photo By: blyjak/ThinkStock

    Interval Walking

    a.k.a, speed-walking.  Which is easier on your knees, and it still gets your heart rate up.  The idea is to change your speed up about once a minute, so sometimes you're walking almost as fast as possible, but not always.

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