How can one business offer so many different things?

The other day, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a post from a business in Niles explaining how their new putt-putt course was finally open:

Since I'm always on the hunt for fun things to do in SW Michigan, I decided to check out the rest of their Facebook page to see if I could acquire more information. However, the more I learned, the more I became confused by what exactly this business is.

They offer putt-putt, yes, but...also tattoos?

Also, "crazy" candy?

AND, they're a smoke shop??

Genuinely confused, I reached out to Bird's Eye View to learn more.

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Yes, they really do offer all of the above experiences and products but not in one place. Bird's Eye View has two locations: one in Niles and the other in Benton Harbor.

The Benton Harbor location is where you'll find tattoos, henna tattoos, body jewelry, tooth gems, smoking accessories, and a CBD bar. This location is for those who are 18 and older.

However, even if you're not 18 years or older, you can enjoy the brand new putt-putt at the Niles location which also operates as a smoke shop. Yes, you'll need to be 18 or older to buy any smoking accessories. But, if candy is your thing, the Niles location seems to offer very unique candy. Like blueberry muffin Kit Kats and Rap Snacks. How fun.

If you're in the Niles area, the putt-putt is open and costs $5 per person. As of this moment, it doesn't have courses that are too challenging but, they are planning to offer 'Haunted Holes' during the Halloween season. They're bringing in animatronics and a few actors to make the area "scary" but, not too scary. It'll be open to all ages.

You can follow Birds Eye View on Facebook for all updates on their many services and products. Keep in mind, they use one Facebook page for both locations.

The Portage area also offers a few options for mini-golf/putt-putt. See the list below:

The Niles area seems to have a few unique businesses. A shop offering smoking accessories and putt-putt in one place certainly fits the bill. But, so does a traveling cocktail bar:

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