If there is a bright side to everything related to the coronavirus pandemic, it is that like at other difficult times, it brings out the best in some people. B & G Discount in Schoolcraft falls into that category.

According to a Facebook post, B&G has donated supplies, including much need gloves to Harding's Market in Schoolcraft, the Speedway gas station and Kalamazoo State Bank.

Donating more gloves around the community! Banks, Gas Stations, Grocery Stores all deal with the public and are essential places to stay open. Thanks for letting us come by and give your employees and customers gloves to use for these times.

*Thank you Hardings of Schoolcraft, Speedway of Schoolcraft and Kalamazoo County State Bank of Schoolcraft for letting us come by and donate these.

- B&G Discount via Facebook.

Among the comments was one person taking a bundle of supplies to Bronson Hospital, and another earmarking gloves for truck drivers, and workers in warehouses supplying essentials.

In talking with Eric, the manager at B&G, they have gloves and all sorts of supplies available for curbside pick up from 8:30a-5p, but they ask you call ahead, as the store is not open to the public for now.

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