Bell's Brewery says they are joining an initiative, "Black is Beautiful", which hopes to bring awareness to the injustices that people of color are facing on a daily basis.

Bell's is one of over 700 breweries worldwide that have signed on to this effort, that began with Marcus Baskerville, and his San Antonio, Texas based Weathered Souls Brewing.

“We all have some work to do, Bell’s included, and we are committed to that. It starts on an individual level. We all have a responsibility to do what we can to continue this conversation and help drive real change,” - Larry Bell, Bell’s Brewery.

The original plan was for a Weathered Souls-only release, but that idea grew as others encouraged Baskerville make the recipe and label artwork available to all.

The Bell's take on the recipe is a Weathered Souls Imperial Stout, which will be available in six packs in August at Bell's General Store and at Upper Hand Brewing, a Bell's offshoot, in Escanaba.

As part of this initiative, Bell’s will make donations to two local Black-led organizations; the Kalamazoo NAACP and Face Off Theatre.

This Weathered Souls collaboration is separate from Bell's Celebration series. That series, which highlights different groups within the company continues later in the year. Previously, Bell's has issued special brews to celebrate International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day, the LGBTQ+ community and veterans. There will be beer for and by Bell's African-American employees in the Fall.

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