The B.C. Pizza located in Plainwell/Otsego has been forced to temporarily close their doors over a Covid-19 Exposure they say has happened recently. The chain, which operates 33 different locations throughout the lower peninsula, has the following message posted on their website:

The Plainwell-Otsego location is temporarily closed due to possible COVID exposure. Public safety is our priority as we love our community. Thank-you and stay safe.

The closure comes at a time where Michigan Covid-19 cases are beginning to spike higher than ever before, all while more and more vaccinations are being distributed. On the front of the building they have a sign posted as well to let customers know the current situation:

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The business itself offered the following message on their Facebook page:

We unfortunately just found out one of our staff has tested positive for Covid. To ensure the safety of our staff and customers we will close temporarily and quarantine. The dine to donate event scheduled for Monday the 29th will be rescheduled. We will announce a new date for that soon. We apologize for any inconvenience but look forward to seeing you when we reopen.
They later gave an update that they expect to re-open for business on Wednesday, April 14th. Luckily, no customers would have had any direct contact with the staff member that tested positive, so anyone who may have eaten there is safe and should not worry about exposure. As someone who's had it, I hope the staff member feels better soon and they can bounce back from this.

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