Who wants to go to a fake haunted house when you can stay overnight in a real one? Henderson Castle might be just the scare you want!

Looking up the best haunted houses in West Michigan I stumbled upon an article about a real haunted house! Awesomemitten.com did a list of 'Top Ten Most Haunted Place In Michigan" and The Henderson Castle was listed as #3. The website reported...

" The ghosts of the home’s original owners Frank and Mary Henderson, as well as those of a Spanish-American War veteran, a little girl, and a dog interact regularly with paranormal teams and guests alike. The apparently amiable spirits have favorite forms of communication, speaking through unplugged radios, tapping unsuspecting visitors on the shoulder, and sometimes appearing in full form, wearing period clothing."

How creepy would that be to possible feel the presence of a dog on the bed, or here a child talking? I get chills just thinking about it. Do You have enough courage to stay in a place that is really haunted? I wounder is the paranormal activity increases as Halloween approaches.