Bell's Brewing has a new seasonal specialty beer coming out in October; a different take on a coffee bean flavored beer, a la Java Stout and MilchkaffeThe new beer, Arabicadabra, (try and say that three times fast) is a coffee milk stout with an ABV of 5.5%. It will be available on draught, and in bottles this October.

“It’s really fun to see new favorites move to a wider audience. This is another example of how we continue to explore new ingredients and flavors. - Bell's CEO Laura Bell.

Arabicadabra will be brewed with 100% Arabica coffee beans and will take the place of Java Stout for 2017.

“Java Stout will always have a special place in our portfolio and isn't being permanently retired. This year, we are changing things up a bit. Arabicadabra is a different take on a coffee stout and very similar to a local favorite that was released at our pub and at some events. It’s time to share it with an even larger audience,” - Laura Bell

Bell's says lactose is an ingredient for this beer, used for creaminess so anyone with  dairy allergies or sensitivities may want to be careful.



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