We all know that 7-11's and Kalamazoo are a rare thing. The only one we have is located at 3726 Mt Olivet Rd. That may change, big time, as some news has just broken which may lead to Kalamazoo getting a TON of 7-11's. It was just announced that Marathon, the company that owns Speedway gas stations, has agreed to sell  Speedway to the parent company of 7-Eleven according to WXYZ.

Currently there are about 4,000 Speedway locations and they'll be going for $21 billion. That's a heck of a purchase. So, when speedway is sold to the 7-11 owners, does that mean every location will also become a 7-11 inside the gas station? The report didn't confirm or deny it. I've also tried contacting many Kalamazoo Speedway locations but none of the managers know as of yet if their stores will be transformed into 7-11's. But you'd have to expect that 7-11 speedway gas stations WOULD be 7-11's.

If that were the case, Kalamazoo would go from having one 7-11 store, to having 10 locations throughout the city, as well as stores added to Mattawan, Schoolcraft, and in Portage. Recently 7-11 fell on hard times and even Free Slurpee Day was cancelled this year, but this may be just the thing they need. No doubt these stations would see an increase in business once the transaction takes place.

Oil prices drastically plummeted in 2020 with the Coronavirus preventing people around the world from traveling, and they've been planning to sell Speedway for months. This will be a much needed payday for Marathon.

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