After an amazing day celebrating the Irish, you might need a few home remedies to cure that hangover from green beer!

After a night of fun, the mornings are usually not fun! To attempt to save your day as wll as your body the has some helpful proven tips to help deal with a hangover.

  1. Eat A Good Breakfast - Alcohol will lead to a drop in blood sugar, so a healthy breakfast with a glass of apple juice will help treat the low blood sugar.
  2. Water - We know that alcohol causes dehydration, so sip on water all through the night. It will make the difference in the morning.
  3. Listen To Your Mother And Take Your Multivitamin -  When enjoying a cocktail, your body losses nutrients, so a multivitamin will help your body regain what it's lost like B12.
  4. Stay Classy - The more expensive liquors are usually distilled more times then well liquors. So, your pocket book may hurt more but you won't.
  5. Get Some Fresh Air - Oxygen helps sped up the rate of alcohol toxins being broken down. So grab your sneakers and take a walk.

OR....just don't drink!

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