This week our small town series lands us in the only place in Michigan that you can take a hot shower in Coldwater.  That would be Coldwater, MI.

OK, I totally stole that shower joke from Doug Henning on Facebook.  But seriously, Coldwater is a gorgeous little Michigan town of just under 11,000 residents.  I asked what your favorite is thing about Coldwater on Facebook and here are some of your answers.

Here are 5 Things Everyone From Coldwater Knows

#5. Short's Rootbeer Stand

Justin Lopshire and many other mentioned Shorts Rootbeer Stand as one of their favorites on Facebook.  Skip J had this to say in his 5-star review on,

I all way look forward to summer to go here for the Chicago dog, being from Chicago where they have the best dogs, this is a close 2nd . just wish they were open in winter so I can get one my mouth waters just thinking about one. They just need to get the right bun to make it better (the ones with the seed on it like in Chicago.)
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#4. Heritage Park Splash Pad

Jessica Branham Beckman voted for the Heritage Park Splash Pad in her Facebook response.

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#3. Coldwater Dog Park

Kasia Kendra had this to say in her facebook comment,

I like it has a dog park and that it's split in big dogs and small dog sections.

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#2. Ponderosa

Jamie Davenport and MANY other said Ponderosa Steakhouse is their jam!

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#1. The Capri Drive-In

Karen Marbaugh mentioned the Capri Drive In has her favorite thing about Coldwater.  OK, she wasn't the only one.  The Capri was mentioned over and over!  Molly had this to say in her 5-star review on,

The drive in is a one of a kind experience; the staff is friendly, the food and popcorn is delicious, the movie selections are always great and the price is very reasonable! The screens are nice and large, so it does not matter where your parked, you will have a great view. Dog friendly and perfect for young families as well. We love going here and try to make a trip a couple of times a year.

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Did we miss your favorite thing about Coldwater?  Let us know in the facebook comments.


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