Even if you don't go to Starbucks everyday, here are some "hacks" to save money at Starbucks.

  1. B.Y.O.C. (cup) — If you go into Starbucks with your own cup, you’ll save 10 cents. That might not sound like a huge save, but if you get five drinks a week, every week, that’s about $26 a year.
  2. Don’t Buy Water — You’re dehydrated, you’re in line, and a cold bottle of water from some mountain spring is just sitting there, beckoning you to buy it. Don’t do it! Just ask the barista for a cup of water instead. It’s free and it’s filtered. Good enough. A bottle of water will set you back about two bucks.
  3. Budget Iced Latte — You can get a venti iced latte for $4.45 or you can do a DIY iced latte and save yourself some bucks. Just order two to three espresso shots over ice (that’s about $2.45 for two shots) in a venti cup, then head on over to the condiment counter and pour in some milk. Done. You just saved 2 bucks.
  4. Split a Venti — If you’re with a friend and you both happen to want the same drink, split a venti instead of getting two smaller sizes. Just ask for an extra cup and you’ll save a little money.
  5. Skip the Snacks — Obviously, if you’re in a rush, you’re starving, and a Edamame Hummus Wrap is 2 feet from your face, It’ll set you back $5.95 plus tax. So, skip the snacks and save yourself some cash. (And if you're really jonesing for a sugar fix, hit the newsstand on your way back to the office and spend $1on a Snickers bar.)
Photo By: Alex Wong/ Getty Images
Photo By: Alex Wong/ Getty Images


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