The Stanley Cup is coming to Kalamazoo but it has stories attached to it that may or may not be true.

Dana Marshal and I have the great honor of spending Friday night with the Kalamazoo K-wings and the legendary  Stanley Cup. This prized award has been around the world and back and with it came some legends. Here are 5 myths about the honored cup...

#1 The Stanley Cup went to war...

True! reported that To boost morale for Canadian and American troops serving in the Middle East, the Cup was flown into an active war zone at Camp Nathan Smith in Kandahar, Afghanistan, for a meet and greet.

#2 Some player are superstitious about touching the cup...


According to various players are wary of the Cup if they haven’t won it yet, and steer clear if they’re still in contention—in fact, some players on conference champion teams won’t even touch the respective Western Conference Campbell Bowl or Eastern Conference Prince of Wales Trophy so they don’t jinx their team’s chances at the real prize!

#3 There Is Only One Stanley Cup...


The Washington Post discovered that part of the cup’s lore is that the same trophy gets presented every year, and that fans can go see it at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. “There’s only one,” reported one profile of Phil Pritchard, the Hall of Fame official who follows the cup wherever it goes. But there are actually three.


#4 Two Babies Have Been Baptized In The Cup...

True! reported that after the Colorado Avalanche won the 1995-96 championship, defenseman Sylvain Lefebvre used his personal day with the Cup to have his daughter christened in the top bowl. Eleven years later, after the Detroit Red Wings won in 2007-08, Swedish left-winger Tomas Holmström brought the silverware back to his native country so that his cousin could baptize his 7-week-old daughter in the trophy.


#5 Only Men Have Had There Names Engraved On The Cup...


According to, twelve women have their names inscribed on the Cup. The first was Marguerite Norris, who was the president of the Detroit Red Wings for their 1954-55 season victory.

I am looking forward to my moment with the Stanley Cup and you can have one too! Just buy a ticket to see our K-wings take on the Fort Wayne Komets and you can have your photo with the cup!

See you Friday!


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