Young Sheldon's Lance Barber and veteran TV actress Patricia Wettig are among eight Barn Theatre's Wall of Fame inductees, referred to as "Famous Barnies".

The Barn Theatre did a Covid-era social distant event over the final weekend of  October to induct the famous alumni, which doubled as a fund-raiser, in a year that has been financially "brutal" for the Barn.

The inductees for 2020 are:

  • Family Guy writer and producer Kirker Butler.He is currently the show's co-executive producer. He held the same title with the Life in Pieces series
  • Charlie King, who apprenticed from 1991 to 1994, and was a member of the equity staff.
  • Battle Creek native Barber was at the Barn in the early 1990's. Barber plays young Sheldon Cooper's father, George, Sr. on the spin-off of The Big Bang Theory.
  • George McDaniel's credits include the cult classic This is Spinal Tap. He is known for his roles in The Last Starfighter and Lionheart, and a stint on the TV series All My Children.
  • Joan Dunham, a "Barnie" from 1965-1969, and 1971.
  • Comedian Stephen Lynch. has appeared on Comedy Central and various other venues, along with videos like "Hello, Kalamazoo".
  • Dick Fuchs had a role in the 1979 movie, The North Avenue Irregulars. He has been with the Barn for parts of three decades.

Patricia Wettig was at the Barn in the mid-1970's. She went to star in Thirtysomething, along with Brothers and Sisters, and Prison Break. She is a 3-time Emmy Award winner.

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