This topic comes up every holiday gift giving season, and in the past I've rolled my eyes a bit, but you should still be aware and make a decision for yourself.

The Michigan Attorney General's office has released its 2020 Dangerous Toys Guide list, in conjunction with the Consumer Products Safety Commission. It starts with this: "Every three minutes, a child is treated in a U.S. emergency room for a toy-related injury." Sounds like a television public service announcement. But the document does make good points, like making sure the toys and gifts you buy are age appropriate.

The most important reminder is Ingestion and Choking Hazards: The worst is latex balloons (balloons are the main cause of toy-related choking fatalities in children). But also, if you have a toddler, think about small parts included in toy sets and game pieces (maybe even from games given to older siblings). The warning also mentions magnets and batteries, as they can easily be ingested by small children. Singled out, too, are button batteries, like the ones in key fobs and other devices, but are also used in musical greeting cards and flashing candles.

The alert also mentions to check for product recalls, and that many people sell used items on places like Facebook Marketplace, and there's nothing stopping people selling recalled items.

Some of the most recent items recalled but out in the world are the Ron Jon Surf Shop Sippy Cup, which has high levels of lead paint; the Morfboard Skate and Scoot, the handlebar can break; or Salt Lounge Chairs, which have faulty locking mechanisms. But there are more for the year 2020. You should at least be aware of the hazards, before you buy an item like this.

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