The first thing you're supposed to do in a car accident is make sure you're safe, anyone involved is hurt and contact the local authorities. A Westland, Michigan man however thought it would be a good idea to completely strip down and dance in the street after causing a 5- car pile up on Tuesday, according tho Local 4 Detroit.

Police said the man's pickup truck came flying down Wayne Road and plowed into a number of vehicles. After the crash, the driver got out of the pickup truck and got naked and started dancing in the street. Two witnesses, Derek Waldman and Ghazi Khalaf commented:

He stands up and starts getting naked. I said, 'Wow man.'"


He threw all his clothes off, saying, 'I'm fine, I'm fine,' to the police. He tried eventually running away, but the cops eventually got him, kneeled and handcuffs, then he got taken away.

Police are still investigating why the driver acted so strangely after the crash as he still remains in their custody. One person involved in the pile up was taken to the hospital but luckily no fatal injuries occured.



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