One of the best things about Facebook, especially during a pandemic, is that you have the ability to basically go garage sale-ing without actually having to go in person. I find most of the stuff listed on the Facebook Marketplace to actually be handy or valuable for most people. If you ever need anything for your house or yard, there usually seems to be something of good quality for a good price listed on it. If you follow it daily you can actually find some sweet deals before they get sold.

But lately I've been keeping my eye on some of the off the wall, fun, goofy and strange things for sale that people often list. This weekly scavenger hunt for the oddest things in our area has paid off as I deliver 3 more unique, odd and interesting things that are listed right now on the Kalamazoo Markeplace.

The first listing is perfect if you wanna pretend you've always wanted to be a mad scientist and don't wanna be late for work. The second listing may not last long because this pure 90's nostalgia may be coming home with me. The last listing may be the thing of nightmares...we'll see.

Facebook Marketplace

1. Potato Clock- Okay, this is hilarious. Call me naive but I never new some straight up potatoes could tell time, but for only $10, this is pretty sweet. You just gotta deal with having a couple potatoes on your nightstand.

Facebook Marketplace

2. Jurassic Park/TMNT Sleeping Bags- I seriously have an urge to just pull the trigger and buy these. $20 and you get two awesome kids sleeping bags. I think I actually had both of these at one point.

Facebook Marketplace

3. Wooden Masks- If we're basing this off Jim Carey's movie The Mask, this may not end well. They're open to offers so toss one their way if you want these nightmarish things hanging on your wall.

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