The Facebook Marketplace is a fantastic platform to exchange things you may not want to get some quick cash, and likewise, a great way to find necessities you need for a cheaper price then you would find at the store. With verified accounts, it's starting to feel like a much safer alternative to Craigslist. Normally you can find some pretty straight forward listings for household goods and entertainment needs. But every once in a while you'll stumble upon something so ridiculous that you have to pull the trigger and buy it.

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The same thing happened to me recently while browsing the marketplace, when I came across a listing for these two camel stools that were for sale. From the looks of it you sit on them the same way you would ride a camel, which is even funnier. There's no information about where they came from, only that the woman Sue who is selling them inherited them from her mother who had a taste for unusual things and neither her or her sister have the space for them.

If you're interested in buying them you can contact Sandy at 586-337-9211. The two antique camel stools 28" high $125 each or both for $200. 

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