As we approach the holidays, it's common knowledge that most singles will start to look for a significant other to keep them warm through the winter season. Even I know that this time of year always has a tendency to get a little on the lonely side, but fear not. If you're not the kind of person who wants to go on a dating app to find a new love interest during the holiday season, there are some awesome Christmas things you can buy that will definitely let the ladies (and maybe even guys) know that you're as single as they come.

Let's take a look:

Up first is this super fashionable head-wear that will leave very little to the imagination

This sweater can make for a hilarious gag outfit or just scare away women with children

There's only one guy I know who could pull this off. But if you've got nothing left to lose, best of luck

This would be great for a teacher, or somebody who doesn't get out much

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