It wasn't that long ago that the biggest problem facing truckers was that there weren't enough truckers.  That problem still exists with an estimated 500,000 trucker shortage in the United States.  Now, however, that problem is being exacerbated by the trucking industry having problems getting enough goods to stores and other outlets.

According to an article on, the global pandemic is taking a toll on truck drivers. They're making the long haul to restock shelves and pleading with the public to stop stockpiling so they can catch up.  It's a trucker's job to transport items across the country so shelves aren't barren. However, the public is making their job harder.  Truckers have been saying whenever you have 150,000 trucks delivering every day, if you have a million people buy the exact same thing over and over every day, multiple times a day, we can't keep up with it.  Their message to those stockpiling goods every day of the week? Stop.

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