Coldwater residents are left confused after what appears to be an abrupt and indefinite closure of Tropical Smoothie Cafe on E. Chicago Street. As most of us know, for better or for worse, one of this quickest ways to get an answer is to go straight to the source: local Facebook groups.

In the Our Coldwater group Destinee Steele asked,

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hey anyone know why Tropical Smoothie is closed indefinitely?

While many locals were surprised to hear this news, others like Chase Sours were unfazed saying,

"That didn't last long"

While there was much speculation as to what led to the restaurant's indefinite closure several residents who appear to have close ties with the business were quick to chime in and suggest that it was an alleged robbery by a former employee.

  • "They got robbed ex employee I’m assuming they are changing locks and whatnot" - Austin Hammel
  • "it was a B & E by an ex-employee, that they caught. They will re-open." - Dawn McManamey
  • "I work there we got robbed last night thankfully after hours but I believe we are opening back up tomorrow" - Madison Spotts

While there has been no official word authorities nor from the Coldwater Tropical Smoothie itself, several crew members there allege it was a former employee who still had a key who is to blame for the breaking and entering. It's unconfirmed whether the suspects got away with any goods or money.

Thankfully it sounds as though the closure will be short as several employees, including crew leader Alissa Wilbur, stated in the group that the restaurant plans to reopen:

...we will re open we had a emergency we got robbed so we r closed till our manager tells us otherwise.

The restaurant chain, which opened their Coldwater location in July 2020, is a fast-casual restaurant known for its wraps, salads, and smoothies.

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