Are you a YouTube Junkie?

I've gone through phases with YouTube.  I'll binge watch prank videos, music videos, news name it.  Then I just stop watching YouTube for a month.   I thought I would list a few interesting videos that are trending today for your enjoyment.

I'll start with a music video from Childish Gambino called "Sober."  If you're thinking you know him from do!  He's actor/comedian Donald Glover.  You'll recognize him from the TV show Community.  I LOVED his song "Heartbeat."  This video is a slow builder, but it's worth the watch.

Next up is a video that's received 2 million views in the last 2 days.  Matthew McConaughey's Dazed and Confused Audition.

This is oddly entertaining.  BuzzFeed decided to give celebrities breathalyzers at the Golden Globes red carpet.  Who do you think was the drunkest?