I just can't stop with Tiktok.

While ignoring a show I was supposed to be watching, I came across a Tiktok video from a man named 'TinyHouseTom'. In the video he hinted that he may be considering raffling off his second, tiny home located in the U.P. Take a look:

In the video (in case you're procrastinating at work and can't actually watch with the sound on) Tom goes on to say that the tiny house he owns in the U.P. sits on 10 acres of land. And, he built it himself.

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Tom adds that he was considering selling the tiny home because he hardly ever made it up there anymore due to the general business of life. But then he thought, "it might be fun to raffle this off."

His proposes that he would sell "affordable" raffle tickets so people who perhaps can't afford to buy the home would have a chance to win it instead.

Some things to know about the home:

  • It's rural. Tom says it's in the middle of nowhere and very "off the grid"
  • Great for hunters and fishermen

The home is a tiny home but I'm unsure of what exactly that means. Again, this is an off the cuff thought that was shared through Tiktok.

The video was posted about 19 hours ago as I write this at 11:00am on 9/24 but, it's gained nearly a million views and 19,000 comments. So far, there's no update on whether or not Tom has decided to go through with the raffle but, judging by the response, I have a feeling it would be successful.

If potentially owning a tiny home in Michigan's UP interests you make sure to follow TinyHouseTom on Tiktok to see what he decides to do.

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