You might think that you like horror movies but, I promise, you don't like them as much as this Battle Creek resident.

Mr. Meat Hook, or @realmrmeathook on Tiktok, created his profile with a singular share his extensive and impressive horror movie collection. And, it's gained him over 41k followers.

I wasn't sure of the exact number but, judging by this video, he has at least 1,140 Blu-rays or Dvds on his shelf:

But, after a quick conversation with Mr. Meat Hook, I learned it's much higher. He said that of the 2,985 movies he owns, 2019 of them are horror movies. It's because he doesn't discriminate. His collection includes major franchises, like Halloween, B horror movies, and everything in between.

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And, commenters put that to the test. He has posted video after video responding to people saying, "Yeah, but I bet you don't have..." For example, this video is a response to someone saying, "I know you don't have Krampus, the Reckoning." They, of course, were wrong:

But, Mr. Meat Hook doesn't just show off his collection. He also creates suggested lists based on the subject matter. Say you're looking for strictly werewolf movies. He's got you covered:

Maybe you're in the mood for a good zombie flick. He's got that list, too:

Or, if you love to binge low-budget horror movies, he suggests checking these out:

As far as why he started this collection, his answer is pretty simple. Back in the days of video stores like Blockbuster (you know, when we actually had to go to a physical location to rent movies), he would always find that the video he wanted was already checked out. He continued saying,

Even now, contrary to popular belief, not everything is available on streaming. So I just buy everything I want to watch. This way, if I want to watch it, it's always available. I don't even have any streaming services.

When it comes to his personal favorite horror flick, he went with the 1988 movie, Night of the Demons:

His favorite franchise is the classic Friday the 13th.

I did ask if there was any type of goal when it came to his collection. Would he stop at 3,000? At all? His response reads,

I don't have a goal as far as the collection goes. I just buy and buy and buy. Maybe I'll stop when I run out of room, or maybe I'll add on a 4th bedroom.

I'm not sure if there's a record for the most horror movies collected. But, if there is, I have a feeling Mr. Meat Hook is well on his way to exceeding that record.

Mr. Meat Hook is new to the Battle Creek area so, if you love horror movies, check out his Tiktok and give him a nice welcome to Michigan!

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