You might have thought it was a big double-rumble of thunder, but no.   Shortly after noon today, the Battle Creek-Marshall area shook, as an earthquake was felt across much of Calhoun County and even into Kalamazoo County.

According to the Volcano Discovery website, it happened at 12:13 pm, with the epicenter 7 ½ miles southeast of Battle Creek.

One person on Facebook commented that the neighbors had Taco Bell last night, but no, this was the real thing.  Here were some comments on the East Leroy Community Facebook page.

  • Roman Garrison: “I heard it in Fulton shook the garage!”
  • B.J. Craig: “I heard a triple!!!!! M Drive and 2 Mile!”
  • Catherine Thompson Floyd: “I felt & heard it loudly. I am just down the road off K Dr on 7 Mile. I was talking to a friend who lives south of Union City and she too felt it & heard it.”
  • Mary Stanton: “Guess it was an earthquake, shook my house, north of Athens.”
  • Suzie Nelson: “I heard it in Pennfield on Turkeyville road and 11 Mile.”

Reports of the earthquake were all around Battle Creek, including Urbandale, Sherwood, Marshall, Burlington, and Athens.

Battle Creek Earthquake Sept 21, 2021-Volcano Discovery map
Battle Creek Earthquake Sept 21, 2021-Volcano Discovery map

One person from Marshall reported “There were 2 booms. The first I thought was thunder, it got my attention. The second boom was right after and MUCH louder with shaking. My daughter and I both felt and heard it. The second boom lasted longer than the first.”

Another comment from Battle Creek: “Thought the washer was unbalanced when I realized the washer was not going I thought it was my son doing something in the other room.”

“Rattled windows, felt and sounded like big semi-trucks hitting potholes.”

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